Gabriel Aubry To Write A Tell All Book About Halle Berry?

Halle Berry?s ex boyfriend and baby daddy Gabriel Aubry has been taking a beating in the press. So his friends say he should do something to retaliate--write a juicy tell all book to get back at Halle! Gabriel is reportedly being urged to write a tell-all expose of his rocky relationship with the Academy Award winning actress by his close friends, because they are tired of him being trashed in the media. Halle and Gabriel have been in a bitter custody battle over their daughter Nahla, and she won?t even let him have Nahla for overnight visits. Friends say Gabriel should expose Halle for what she is and how horrible she was to him. Sources say Halle had to be in control at all times, period. And the reason that they broke up is because he just couldn't handle being under her thumb like that.