“The Dictator” Could Go To Jail For Oscar’s Prank On Ryan Seacrest

Arguably the best moment from the Oscars last night was the stunt that Sacha Baron Cohen pulled on poor Ryan Seacrest! But, it might not be all fun and games for The Dictator after all!! After already pushing the envelope for walking the carpet in character after being banned from the Academy, The Dictator, of course, had to take it a step farther. His target? None other than the king of the carpet, Ryan Seacrest. The Dictator not so accidentally spilled an urn, dumping fake ashes of Kim Jong il all over over Seacrest. So the actor could be charged with criminal battery. If convicted of one count of misdemeanor battery, Cohen would face up to a year in jail and a one thousand dollar fine. The Dictator could be charged, whether Seacrest even wants him prosecuted or not. Unless it was planned. But Seacrest says he was surprised and it definitely was not planned. And before Ryan wised up and realized how much media attention he was about to revel in, he actually was visibly mad when it first happened.