Demi Moore Tells Madonna To Ban Cameron Diaz From 2012 Oscars Party

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This year Madonna hosted her annual Oscar?s Party and Hollywood?s A-list flocked to the soiree. Everyone except Cameron Diaz. But it wasn?t Madonna choice to ban her, rather a jealous Demi Moore. Last year Demi Moore co-hosted the lavish event with Madonna, and although this year she did not, she was still quote: “very instrumental in writing the guest list.” It seems that Demi is upset that her ex, Ashton Kutcher was flirting with Cameron at a Golden Globes party in January. Ashton and Cameron had also co-starred in the 2008 comedy, What Happens in Vegas. Even though Demi and Cameron have worked together before too, she told Madonna “there is no way in heck you should let her in!” Security was told to block her entrance, no matter what the circumstances were. Cameron Diaz also had a long-term relationship with Madonna’s ex, Alex Rodriguez, so maybe the material girl is a bit jealous too?