Demi Moore Settles In To a Posh Rehab Clinic

The 49-year old actress is getting intense treatment at the luxurious $1,500 a day Cirque Lodge in Sundance, Utah. Demi was admitted last week and is now reportedly undergoing intense treatment and is in almost complete seclusion, only interacting with a small group of people. One of her possible fellow treatment seekers? Charlie Sheen’s ex Brooke Mueller, who entered the facility a few weeks prior to Demi. New details are also emerging about the night of Demi’s famous 911 call. Sources confirm that Demi was partying with Glenn Close’s 21-year old daughter. She is one of Rumor Willis’ friends and can be heard, among others, on the call assisting Demi after her collapse. But with that night now behind her, Demi is on her way to recovery and she’s in good hands. The super-posh Cirque Lodge has also helped Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen and Eva Mendes overcome their addictions. Do we have to be fighting an addiction to get into this place??