Danny Bonaduce Caught In Political Death Threats

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Actor Danny Bonaduce is facing heat after his recent feud with 9/11 conspiracy theorists. It all started on December 7 when Danny was having lunch and a camera crew approached him for a street interview. The interviewer claimed Washington knew about 9/11 in advance, prompting Bonaduce to defend President Bush and the Iraq war. Once the video hit YouTube, Bonaduce says, his family started receiving death threats. We hear situations became so intense that the FBI became involved. Get this…Images of maimed Iraqi children were even sent through his 12-year-old daughter's MySpace page.

"If [the interviewer] had personally offended me or I got death threats and I didn't have children, I would have tracked him down and kicked his skull in, and that would have been the end of that," Bonaduce reveals to the New York Daily News. "But I have children, and you can't behave like that anymore."

The interviewer is a self-described "9/11 Truther" who runs a Christian extremist Web site that accuses Bush of Satanism. The man who refused to give his name told the Daily News, "I think [Bonaduce's] delusional. And if you're going to quote me, it's a 'drug-damaged mind.' " We just watched the interview and it is quite bizarre, check it out and tell us what you think.
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