Courtney Stodden Launches New Website & Spells Her Own Name Wrong

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Courtney Stodden proves it isn’t easy being a teen bride!! But she keeps proving how old she actually is by the the crazy stunts and mishaps she pulls!!! Courtney’s latest falter? She spelled her own name wrong on her website! She launched her new glorious website, but misspelled her last name in the title bar. Sure, she only left out one of the “d’s” but thats a pretty big mistake to make as you are trying to skyrocket your empire with a global internet site! Well, it may not be an empire. Actually the website is just another chance for her to take ridiculous half-naked pictures of herself and convince fans they’re “exclusive” According to a press release, the new site will “showcase Stodden's never-before-seen photos, videos, up-to-the-minute news flashes, press releases, blogs, networking, a boutique and exclusives." Members of her site can also pay $39.99 to get an autographed poster of her in a bikini and access her most “provocative pics.”