Christie Brinkley Fines Her Ex For Every Time He’s Contacted Her!

Christie Brinkley just wants to get rid of all contact with her scummy ex husband completely, but he just won’t stop trying to contact her. So at least she might get some money out of it! Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook have been in a locked bitter feud for a while now, ever since their divorce in 2008 after his cheated on her. But it’s getting worse. The latest is Christie asking a judge to fine Cook $140,000 for sending her abusive emails. She claims Cook has violated a court order not to harass her. The judge had previously decided that Cook would be fined $5,000 dollars any time he violates the order. And Brinkley says it has happened 28 times! So, he owes her some money! Brinkley is also asking for an additional $32,000 dollars in educational costs for their two kids. Reportedly, Peter Cook has fired back against his ex-wife. He has asked a judge for the same fines against her, which total $200,000 dollars!