Chris Brown & Rihanna’s Friends Try To Stop Their Hook Up

More and more reports are surfacing that Chris Brown and Rihanna are really close to getting back together, but their closest friends---are not happy about it! And they should know better than anyone else... Sources say both of their pals are desperately trying to keep them apart for their own good, warning it is a horrible idea personally and professionally. Reportedly Rihanna is still very much in love with Chris, and to be perfectly honest, if it weren’t for the media and her fans, she would have taken him back long ago. And yes, the feelings are mutual. Although Chris has been dating a new gal recently, he reportedly has strong feelings for Rihanna as well. It has been three years, and now it seems the two are just trying to ease us into the fact that they are getting back together...first Rihanna's birthday, then flirty tweets, and that duet. Their friends must know they're just fighting an uphill battle.