Chris Brown Goes To Rihanna’s Birthday Party

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Well, of all the people that should be hating on Chris Brown right now, Rihanna certainly is not! Rihanna, who turns 24 in a few days, threw a small early birthday party for herself Monday in Los Angeles at a private house. About 100 friends were invited to Rihanna’s Caribbean themed soiree, including Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and yes- her abusive ex, Chris Brown Sources at the bash say that Chris was indeed there and he and Rihanna definitely appeared friendly. This weekend’s Grammy’s marked the three anniversary of the night Chris attacked Rihanna. So, at the party, around 2 in the morning, Rihanna was presented with a birthday cake, and everyone had a friendly champagne toast....perhaps in the name of forgiveness?? Well, if Rihanna can get over it and forgive him, I guess the rest of us might as well too.