Charlie Sheen Leaves Guns ?N? Roses Concert WASTED

He?s baackkk!! Drunk Charlie Sheen is back in full effect in all his drunken, blubbering glory. Charlie Sheen returns to his partying ways on Friday night in LA. The actor was leaving a concert completely wasted, but come on, it was Guns N’ Roses, that’s like the soundtrack to his downfall! TMZ caught up with Sheen as he was leaving the Palladium. He was slurring his words while answering reporters’ questions, and in true “winning” fashion- making ridiculous comments that come out of nowhere!! When reporters asked Sheen if he would reunite with Chuck Lorre, the actor responded: “This is a billion dollar, worldwide concert. Period, the end.” He was then ushered into his car by a member of his entourage, and he yelled: “Palin in 0 ’12!” One paparazzo shouted: “I party like Charlie Sheen!” As he was driven away, Sheen yelled out the backseat window: “And you’re still alive?!” If you’d like to see all the Charlie Sheen absurd goodness unfold on camera, check the video out on