Britney Spears Wants A Reoccurring Role On “Smash”

So we’re still waiting to find out if Britney Spears is confirmed to be on Modern Family, but now there’s another show we can anticipate a Britney cameo from! Britney Spears is reportedly such a super-fan of the new show “Smash” on NBC, that she’s reached out to producers to get on the show. She loves the show so much, that she even wants a reoccurring role written into the series for her! Apparently, she has already met with producers to discuss the possibility of her joining the show! “Smash” is currently in production on its final episodes of the season. But, given the demands of choreographing, recording and filming the musical numbers in such a big production, it's unlikely the show could write in a new character at the last minute. There's always next season, though!