Britney Spears to Guest Star on “Modern Family”

Rumor has it that Britney Spears will be joining Modern Family for a guest appearance. You wanna know how this all started…Well I’m going to tell you! Yesterday, Britney Spears innocently tweeted her love for the show “Modern Family,” writing, “I know everybody is excited about the Super Bowl, but I personally can’t wait to see the next episode of Modern Family! Funniest show on TV.”   Then, Modern Family star Sofia Vergara threw herself and retweeted it and caused her manager to write, “@BritneySpears on Modern Family? What do you guys think?”   And since everything Britney tweets becomes instant news, twitter fans went off on a rampage and started hashtagging #GetBritneyonModernFamily which turned into a trending topic  Britney then tweeted, “Ahh I would love to be on it!” And that’s how business gets done in Hollywood when you are Britney Spears!