Brian Austin Green Won’t Let Megan Fox Watch 90210

Even though Brian Austin Green made his name on 90’s cult classic television series “Beverly Hills 90210,” he doesn’t want his wife Megan Fox to see any of it. Brian Austin Green has admitted that he and wife Megan Fox don't watch each other's work. Actually, she is forbidden from viewing old episodes of 90210. Brian says: "She tries to sneak them on SOAPnet," Brian revealed. "And then she gets in trouble for it." This has gotta be hard to monitor, re-runs of 90210 practically air all day every day! Brian says: "We have a rule: We don't watch each other's stuff. “ But I’m wondering how Brian could possibly resist from watching Megan’s theatrical masterpieces like “Jonah Hex” and “Jennifer’s Body.” It must be nearly impossible for him to contain himself!