Brandi Glanville Writing A Tell All About Eddie Cibrian & Leann Rimes Affair

There’s nothing worse than a woman scorned, especially when she writes all about it in a juicy tell-all expose! Leann Rimes better get ready, because Brandi Glanville says she's writing a tell- all book that will detail her much publicized divorce from Eddie Cibrian. Eddie ran off with Leann after they tried to hide their affair, so this book will obviously not be a positive outlook on Leann. "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star wrote on Twitter that she was having brunch with her favorite book agent. Brandy added a tweet with details on the book -- and the problems she's had getting it published. “Mine has been a long time coming its about surviving divorce.” This tell all may reverse how far Brandi and Leann have actually come as being cordial to each other. The two were actually spotted at the kid’s sporting event, laughing and sitting next to each other.