Brad Pitt Won’t Call His Grandma

There’s no doubt Brad Pitt is a busy guy, I mean he’s only the hottest thing in Hollywood! But is he really too busy to visit his own grandmother? Let alone give a call every now and then? Brad Pitt's grandma, Betty Russell, has reportedly been living in an Oklahoma nursing home for over four years, and she wants nothing more than for Brad to contact her for her 90th birthday. Brad's great-aunt, Mary Ann says: "Betty misses him. He doesn’t write, he doesn’t seem to stay in contact with her." His great aunt revealed that Brad used to send his grandmother flowers every month and called her frequently, but not anymore. She says the last time he came to visit Oklahoma was when Angelina Jolie was pregnant. To make matters worse, reportedly the Rose Manor Nursing Center, where Brad's grandmother lives, is a pretty substandard place. Apparently, it rated far below average on a state inspection back in December. C’mom Brad, we know you’re a good guy, go visit your granny!