Brad Pitt Reveals: “Angie Is Still A Bad Girl!”

Hi guys, I’m Stephanie Bauer for Hollyscoop. HYPERLINK "" Brad Pitt and HYPERLINK "" Angelina Jolie don’t talk about their personal lives very much, at all! But now Brad has made up for it by revealing that his partner is a lot of fun... in the sack... She’s still a bad girl,” Brad said, grinning on CBS This Morning. Quote: “Delightfully so. It’s not for public consumption.” Thank you! Finally! We’ve only been waiting for Brad to say that for the past seven years! Pretty much the only time Angie has touched on the subject was her recent interview with “60 Minutes,” mirroring what Brad reveals, quote: “I’m still a bad girl… I still have that side of me … it’s just in its place now … it belongs to Brad or … our adventures.” Thanks for dishing on your kids Brad, because..let’s face it, we’ll take anything we can get, but we do prefer the racy Angelina insight a little more!