Brad Goreski Admits To A Life Threatening Cocaine Addiction

Stylist Brad Goreski is the latest to follow the celebrity trend of admitting a previous drug addiction and writing a memoir about it. Brad Goreski is known as the cute guy in a bow-tie that’s in a show called “It’s A Brad, Brad World,” and an enemy of former boss Rachel Zoe. But what we didn’t know about him was his troubling past. Brad reveals that he tried coke for the first time when he was 19 and someone offered it to him at a party, and that by age 23 he was painfully thin and had a serious addiction. He writes quote: “I needed to get help. It was early on a December morning. I was in our bathroom, staring in the mirror, and I didn’t recognize myself. Finally I felt the weight of the situation. I told myself, ‘You can carry on like this, and the drugs will be your life.’ I wasn’t doing anything with my life except wasting it.”