Bobby Brown to Write Tell All Book

Bobby Brown to Write Tell All Book Hey everyone this is Nora Gasparian for Hollyscoop. There are rumors going around that Bobby Brown is shopping a tell all book. Now that’s low! According to the Huffington Post, Bobby has been wanting to release a book that touches on his relationship with the singer for some time now and the timing happens to be perfect right now. "Back in 2008, the interest in a book on Whitney Houston wasn't that great. Whitney had fallen off the radar back then," one publisher told the site. "But now, following her tragic death, the market has changed. Now is the time for a book that details an honest look into the life of Whitney." This is really sad considering the fact that his daughter Bobbi Kristina is not currently doing well. Instead of taking care of his family, he’s worried about cashing in. But then again, when was Bobby Brown ever a good influence?