Angelina Jolie Writes Foreword For Billy Bob Thornton’sTell-All Book

Remember when Angelina Jolie used to be that crazy bad-girl, in a bizarre marriage to Billy Bob Thornton, complete with vials of blood around their necks? Well, you’d think she wouldn’t want to publicly remind us of her bad reputation, but apparently she doesn’t care! Billy Bob Thornton has a new tell all memoir coming out- and not only has Angelina surprisingly given her ex-husband the go-ahead on releasing it, but she even wrote the foreword for the book!! A publicist for HarperCollins confirms that Angie has indeed penned the foreword for 56-year-old Thornton's juicy new book, called "The Billy Bob Tapes: A Cave Full of Ghosts.” Angie recently said that she saves her “bad side” for her current man Brad Pitt. But she was actually married to Billy Bob for a few years! I can only imagine what stories he has, and what she has to say about him in the forward. I can not wait to read it. It hits bookstands May 15th!