Angelina Jolie Pregnant?

Rumors are swirling that Angelina Jolie is pregnant! I know, rumors are always swirling that some celebrity is pregnant, but it seems Angelina really is! Sources are speculating that Angelina is indeed expecting. So here?s the signs: While everyone was so focused on that famous leg at the Oscar?s this weekend, we all overlooked her belly. It was appropriately covered up by that poufy dress. And it was black, the go-to color to conceal a pregnancy. And now it seems so obvious why she kept jutting that leg out in such an absurd way! To keep the attention on it, not her growing tummy. At least, we hope that was her excuse, because that pose was just ridiculous! And her whole demeanor that night seemed to have that happy expectant mother glow! People kept complimenting her on how radiant and full of life she was on the red carpet. Although nothing is confirmed yet, Brad Pitt has jokingly said they usually average about two new children a year, so they?re about due for another one!