Adele Is Still On Top!

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If Adele’s upset over public “FAT” insults, hopefully this brightens her mood a little! She is still #1 on the charts! Her Album 21 is just seven days shy of making a 20-week run in the peak position on Billboard’s Top 200! If she keeps it there for a few more days, she will beat the record held by ‘The Bodyguard’ soundtrack! But, Lana Del Ray’s album, “Born To Die” debut’s right behind Adele at #2 and could be giving her a run for her money. This is pretty ironic because in the same interview where fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld called Adele fat, he immediately went on to praise the much slimmer Lana, saying, “She is not bad at all. She is very pretty!” So it seems Adele keeps getting followed up by Lana? Should she be nervous? Right about now, Adele’s probably thinking, ‘Man, I just can’t shake this chick!’