Adele Performs at 2012 Grammy Awards

Adele confirms her 2012 Grammy Performance. The music Gods have finally smiled down on us. Adele has officially ended her vow of silence because of that pesky throat surgery thing and has confirmed that she’ll take the stage during the 2012 Grammy awards for an epic performance. “Ima be, Ima be singing at the Grammys. It’s been so long I started to forget I was a singer! I can’t wait, speak soon xx,” Adele tweeted. While the Grammys hasn’t official confirmed it yet, we’re going to take Adele’s word for it. I guess you could say, “Rumor Has It” that Adele is performing. Grammy execs have been teasing us for weeks about the possibility of her performing but now we have official confirmation. Tune in on Sunday, February 12th for her special performance. And if you miss it, check back on for the full performance.