Video: Young Ryan Gosling Sings With Justin Timberlake

March 6, 2013 By:
Video: Young Ryan Gosling Sings With Justin Timberlake

Time for your daily dose of embarrassing celebrity moments from the past… Today’s victim: Ryan Gosling.

Normally the Drive actor is praised for his handsomeness and inability to look even remotely uncool. But in this clip from his Mickey Mouse Club days alongside Justin Timberlake and JC Chase, he is— gah… nope he’s STILL cool.

The wonderful Internet nerd minds over at Buzzfeed took the liberty of investigating Gosling’s past in detail, which turned up this gem of a YouTube moment.

In a pixelated clip, the actor and fellow tween ladykillers Timberlake and Chase sing “Cry For You” to a live studio audience during what appears to be the height of the ‘90s baggy clothes movement.

Gosling mostly sings backup and bops to the beat with a display of pre-2000s swagger that could rival that of what Bieber’s putting out today.

When he does take the lead for a brief verse, his boy bellows are met by the spontaneous pre-pubescent screams of every female within a five-mile radius.

Underneath that ridiculously loose long sleeve sweater shirt, we imagine there’s a perfectly sculpted six-pack beginning to take shape.

If you have a clean pair of underwear handy, we urge you to check this clip out: