Candice Swanepoel Admits Staying "Healthy is Hard"

July 20, 2011 By:
Candice Swanepoel Admits Staying

Victoria’s Secret model and face of VS’s new Fantasies beauty collection, Candice Swanepoel celebrated the launch of the collection at The Grove last night and opens up about the pressures of wearing the coveted VS angel wings.

Swanepoel, who recently made headlines for her thin figure, says it’s more than just being pretty when you represent Victoria’s Secret, “I mean, I’ve been working out for so many years that my body is kinda like a machine.”

She tells Hollyscoop, “Just staying healthy, drinking a lot of water. I do boxing, resistance training. It’s really physical our jobs, yet people don’t realize it.”

When most celebrities say they eat and do whatever they want yet still maintain their size 2 waists, an actual VS model tells us it’s not that easy.

Us regular people think Victoria’s Secret models just pop out of the womb in stilettos and 0% body fat but these girls work hard to look like they do, “…People don’t realize the schedules we have to stay healthy is hard. We try our best, it’s really important to Victoria Secret [for us] to stay healthy and have a curvaceous body.”

However, Swanepoel tells us that it’s being happy that matters most, “I mean, if you feel healthy and happy with yourselves that’s all that matters, people are going to say things for reasons we don’t know, just focus on yourself and what you’re doing.”

You can see the interview with Candice below: