Victoria Beckham: Stop Obsessing Over My Weight!

September 24, 2009 By:
Victoria Beckham: Stop Obsessing Over My Weight!

Victoria Beckham is sick and tired of people obsessing over her weight--or lack thereof--and wants to assure everyone she doesn't have an eating disorder.

She can't flip through a magazine without reading about her "unhealthy" frame and ridiculous diets that people claim she lives by.

“I am fine — happy and healthy,” she told the UK’s Daily Mirror newspaper. “It’s irresponsible when people obsess about my shape and size.

“I appreciate there are young girls and women who look at me as a role model and it is simply untrue to say I do not eat and I am unhealthy," she said.

She added, “I have a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle and plenty of energy to run after my three energetic boys and travel the world managing my fashion business.”

She must weigh like 85 lbs but with a killer pair of YSL heels, she probably goes up to like 87. Totally normal. Ok not really, but she's always been super skinny, so maybe it's time we cut her some slack. It wouldn't hurt if she was photographed eating once in a while, but to each their own.