Victoria Beckham on the Secrets of a Successful Marriage

July 5, 2011 By:
Victoria Beckham on the Secrets of a Successful Marriage

David and Victoria Beckham just celebrated their 12-year anniversary—which is nearly unheard of when it comes to celebrities. The average celebrity couple rarely makes it past the two year mark, but these two are still going strong.

With baby number 4 on the way, Victoria confessed to Heat magazine that the reason their marriage has lasted so long is because David is her “soul mate” and admits she loves him more now than ever before. Aww.

She said, “I love David for David. He’s my soul mate, my number one. He’s the most amazing husband, father; he’s talented, he’s kind. He ticks all the boxes. He’s an amazing soul and has an amazing heart. That’s what I fell in love with 14 years ago and that’s what I still love now.”

He’s definitely easy on the eyes. So what does Victoria think is her mans best feature? “People always think that David’s so handsome, which he obviously is, but then he’s such a gorgeous person on the inside as well. He genuinely is so kind to everyone – not just me and the boys.”

Hollyscoop caught up with David over the weekend at the unveiling of Los Angeles Galaxy's new jersey at LA Live where he confessed he can’t wait to be protective over his little girl.

He told HS: “People say that [I’m overprotective], but I'm so protective over my sons anyways, I can't see me being any more protective. She's going to have 3 boys to look over her; she is well protected.”

As far as Victoria’s pregnancy goes, he confessed it’s been a super easy one. “She hasn’t had too many cravings. She hasn’t had any sickness. It’s been a good pregnancy,” said David. “It’s been really smooth.”

Check back with Hollyscoop for more on David and Victoria, and her upcoming due date.