Victoria Beckham Reveals Secret to Lasting Marriage

January 8, 2011 By:
Victoria Beckham Reveals Secret to Lasting Marriage

Victoria Beckham is convinced the reason her marriage to David Beckham has lasted over a decade is because they spend a lot of time apart.

She said: "Maybe that's why we're not bored with each other after 11 years."

She a point there, but if I was married to David I'd never let him out of my sight. Being married to one of the sexiest soccer players in the world can't be easy.

Victoria usually splits her time between Los Angeles and London, but she admits she prefers life in LA. "To be honest, no-one's that interested in us – not when Tom Cruise is down the road. Tom and Katie are really kind people – we'll have a more relaxed Sunday afternoon round at their place with all the kids than we would if we went round to some of the parents from school."

Oh lifestyles of the rich and famous! 'Honey, lets call up Tom for tea time.' What a life!