Victoria Beckham Is the Original Kardashian

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Victoria Beckham Is the Original Kardashian
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Victoria Beckham wasn’t always the esteemed, high-fashion designer she is today. In the early ‘00s, fresh out of the Spice Girls, Victoria was still finding her way in this world and got very sidetracked. Looking back, you could say she was a Kardashian before the Kardashians were even around.


This is the Victoria Beckham you know today.

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This is the Victoria Beckham you most likely remember when she was in the Spice Girls.

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But in between her music and fashion career, she was THIS Victoria Beckham.


Yeah. That’s really how she used to dress.


Like a Kardashian, basically.

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Most notably, she had an affinity for the bodycon dress.

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Lots of bodycon dresses.

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You know who else loves bodycon dresses?

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She used to wear weird cutouts.

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And never shied away from animal print.



Basically, a Kardashian.

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She also used to love a statement-making prom dress.



Which is the Kardashians’ forte.

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And wearing a ton of bronzer.



Which is also the secret life force of a Kardashian.

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In conclusion, Victoria Beckham in the mid ‘00s?


Basically a Kardashian.