Victoria Beckham Okays Move To Milan

February 17, 2009 By:
Victoria Beckham Okays Move To Milan

When the wifey approves, it means the family can move! Victoria Beckham has apparently just approved David’s move to Europe to join AC Milan.

He’s been in serious talks for the last ten days to make the transition, and Vicky has been worried about pulling the kids out of school.

But sources say she’s had a change of heart, and wants David Beckham to continue his career of playing wherever he needs to be.

A friend told The Sun, "Victoria has told David she loves him and nothing will come between the family. He was thrilled that she has let him pursue his last chance of playing top flight football."

The source added: “It looks like David has got his way after making a very strong case for his career ending in Milan.”

“David probably only has a few seasons left in him and if he wants to keep his England place and maybe play in another World Cup he must compete at the top level.

“Victoria can see that now — and after his career ends they can settle anywhere they want.”

Milan officials fly to LA tomorrow to work out a deal. You know the saying! Happy wife, happy life!