Victoria Beckham Is Too Busy For Another Baby

August 31, 2008 By:
Victoria Beckham Is Too Busy For Another Baby

We hear the rumors on a weekly basis: 'Victoria Desperate for Another Baby.' Well it turns out the only thing Victoria is desperate for is more time. The mom of three is slamming reports that she's trying for another baby, simply because she doesn't have time for it.

She says, "I can't even think about having another baby right now. The boys take up so much of my time.

"Life is busy in Los Angeles, because Brooklyn's got football, Romeo's got gymnastics and Cruz has break dancing. Plus they have school commitments."

So how about adoption? "We really respect people who go through adoption, but it's not something we have considered as we have our hands full with the three children we do have!"

Although we'd love to see a mini Posh around town, it's great that she acknowledges that she just doesn't have the time to commit to another child. She has her hands full with her three amazing kids as it is. Oh well, wishful thinking.