Victoria Beckham is Paying for Her Sisters Wedding

October 23, 2009 By:
Victoria Beckham is Paying for Her Sisters Wedding

Victoria Beckham's heart is as big as her shoe closet, so when her sister decided it was time to get married, Victoria offered to pick up the tab.

Victoria has offered to help organize and fund every aspect of her younger sister Louise's marriage to stockbroker Darren Flood on December 27.

A source said: "Victoria just told Louise, 'I don't care what it costs - it will be my Christmas present to you.’ Louise was very emotional."

Does Victoria want to adopt us? What a generous sister! Vicky reportedly wants to book the 'Beckingham Palace' mansion in Hertfordshire, East England for the event, and has even asked fashion designer Vera Wang to create a custom dress for her sister.

While Victoria only has the best intentions for her sister and her new husband to be, Darren is reportedly a little upset about the offer because he wanted to pay for his own wedding.

The source said: "He is insisting he gets the bill - it's why he is so respected and liked by the family. But Victoria normally gets her way."

What a generous offer from Victoria! It must be nice to be related to a Beckham.