Victoria Beckham is in Therapy

January 5, 2011 By:
Victoria Beckham is in Therapy

Victoria Beckham has had a rough year. She's had to deal with David's cheating allegations, the pressures of fame and launching her new fashion line.

2010 certainly left Victoria So it comes as no surprise that she confessed she seeks therapy to deal with her day-to-day life.

Victoria Beckham Removes Her Breast Implants

When asked whether she has ever turned to therapy, she told Britain’s Vogue magazine: "Haven't most people at some time or other? I don't know if I'm balanced or deluded. I don't mean about David – him, I trust completely because we're both such talkers – but I'm quite spiritual. I'd rather turn anger into energy."

After years in the spotlight, she's still not used to the negative things she reads about herself. "It's never nice when people write hurtful things and as much as I say I don't see it, I'm not stupid. But I've seen both sides of fame and I realize that it's brought me a lot of opportunities. I suppose if I really cared what people say I'd have topped myself years ago."

Now that she's gotten rid of those lopsided melons on her chest, she's made it harder for people to mock her.