Victoria Beckham Got Starstruck Seeing George Clooney

February 1, 2010 By:
Victoria Beckham Got Starstruck Seeing George Clooney

Victoria Beckham and her hubby David are probably one of the most recognizable couples in the world, but even celebrities get starstruck once in a while.

The Beckhams often hand out with mega stars like Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith and Kate Beckinsale, but when she saw George Clooney for the first time, she was absolutely star struck! Check out these excerpts from her interview with Glamour magazine:

Victoria on her first date with David:
“When I first went out with David, I was in the Spice Girls, and David wasn’t so known. He told me when I got to know him a little better that he didn’t know very much about me, so he bought tabloids...He read that I liked Prada. So he went out and bought Prada trousers, Prada shoes, a Prada shirt, Prada jacket.”

Victoria on getting starstruck:
“I [once] shared a plane with George Clooney. I still get excited. My mum and I said, ‘Oh my God’…I’m leading an extraordinary life. I never try to be too cool about [it].”

Victoria on how she spends her free time:
“I travel a fair amount, and when I’m here in L.A., everything revolves around the kids. So if I’m not working, I go to the school and help serve lunches to the children. They just love that. It’s like, Oh, there’s Mummy serving me!”

Victoria on David:
“It’s not healthy to be jealous. I look at David and I think, He’s so handsome and I’m so lucky to have him as a husband. And he’s an amazing father. I don’t blame people for looking at him and finding him attractive. I mean, I do.”