The Beckhams Get Robbed

October 14, 2008 By:
The Beckhams Get Robbed

The Beckhams have been robbed! And the prime suspects are none other than their housekeepers. Eric and June Emmett, who have been on the Beckham payroll for the past ten years, have been arrested on suspicion of burglary.

Victoria Beckham's parents were tipped off about the possibility of theft after someone saw items of Posh and Becks’ on eBay. They then went to their daughter’s Hertfordshire mansion to discover the items were in fact missing.

Items missing include $5 million in designer clothing, jewelry, and shoes. Posh was reportedly most upset to learn that a red satin robe, custom designed by Roberto Cavalli, was gone. The piece had "Mrs. Beckham" printed on the front and "Posh" on the back. A source tells the Daily Mirror, "She was very upset. Fashion means everything to her. She keeps all her old outfits in storage."

A spokesperson for the Beckhams declined to comment, saying, “It would be inappropriate to comment as the matter is in police hands.”

Those housekeepers are pretty stupid to think they could get away with selling the stuff on eBay!