Posh's Runway Scare

July 9, 2008 By:
Posh's Runway Scare

Jet setter Victoria Beckham got the scare of her life earlier this week when the Air New Zealand flight she was on with her two boys had some complications.

Posh was on a flight from LAX to London when a bird flew into the aircraft's engine, forcing the pilot to bring the plane to a halt.

One witness is quoted as saying: "We had no idea what was happening and you immediately fear the worst. I was sitting a few rows back from Victoria and her sons, who were at the front of the plane.

"Victoria wasn't wearing any make-up and had changed into the pajamas provided by the airline. It looked like she kept really calm throughout. She appeared to be comforting Romeo at one point."

The source continued: "Young children were crying and for a moment I feared it was going to turn into a scene from a disaster movie."

The most shocking part of the story is Posh changing into PJ's. Her idea of PJ's are lace undies, highly doubt she changed into clothes the airline provided for her. Have you guys had an in flight scare?