Posh Sues Over Diet Pill Claims

August 19, 2008 By:
Posh Sues Over Diet Pill Claims

The Beckhams are used to hearing rumors about themselves, but one magazine has taken it too far, and Posh is taking them to court for it.

Now magazine claimed that Victoria Beckham uses diet pills to stay slim and her sister is the one who is smuggling the pills for her from the UK.

Beckham's agent Jo Milloy says, "The accusation is dangerous, defamatory and blatantly untrue. Victoria takes her position as a role model to young women very seriously and is horrified by this hurtful, fabricated story. It is now with her lawyers."

The magazine has it all wrong, its not that she's a pill popper, she just doesn't eat. Ok just kidding, but seriously, how does she stay so slim??