Posh Bans Celebrity Enemies From Tour

January 3, 2008 By:
Posh Bans Celebrity Enemies From Tour

Victoria Beckham doesn't forgive nor does she forget! Posh has reportedly turned in a list of celebrities that are banned from attending a 'Spice Girls' concert.

So made Posh's shit list? Jordan and her hubbie Peter, Lily Allen, Sophie Ellis Bextor, TV star Denise Van Outen and comedian Graham Norton.

A source said: "Victoria has taken some stick over the years from certain celebrities. She doesn't want to be doing her stuff on stage, and then see famous faces in the audience taking the p**s.

"So, quite understandably, Victoria has banned a number of well-known names from the show."

Jordan has been taking shots at Posh for years because she's jealous of her fame; meanwhile, Lily Allen and the rest of the bunch made comments about her non-existent figure. Note to self: Don't offer Posh a sandwich!