Hollywood Moms Getting Ready to Give Birth

June 8, 2011 By:
Hollywood Moms Getting Ready to Give Birth

Hollywood has got baby fever. So many A-Listers are sporting baby bumps I can’t keep track.

Let’s take a look at who’s knocked up in Tinseltown.

Victoria Beckham: Vicky B is my favorite pregnant celeb, because she doesn’t ever let her huge stomach stop her from being fierce. She recently kicked around a soccer ball with her son Cruz wearing 5-inch Louboutin heels and sporting an almost 8 month pregnant belly. What’s her favorite thing to nosh on while pregs? Diet Coke and crisps. Not sure, but I think crisps is a British way of saying potato chips.

Jessica Alba: Alba is pregnant with her second child with hubby Cash Warren. Her 3-year-old daughter’s name is Honor-Marie, so my predictions for her newborns name might be something along the lines of: Truth-Jessica, Justice-Katie, or Faith-Megan. Those are also along the lines of: worst baby names ever.

January Jones: She shocked us with her surprise pregnancy, especially since she won’t reveal who the dad is. Her ex, Jason Sudeikis jokes at the MTV Movie Awards, “Look, I have a lot of pressure on me. I might be a dad soon…” He’s kidding. We think.

Natalie Portman: When she’s not lending her face to movie posters everywhere, Natalie Portman and her dancer fiancé are busy getting ready to welcome their first child. Portman looks ready to pop and said to be due “sometime this summer,” our guess is that her newborn might be born under the zodiac sign Cancer, which is not supposed to compatible with Mommy’s Gemini sign. Woops, good luck during those angry teen years Portman.

Kate Hudson: Kate’s pregnant with baby number 2 with fiancé and Muse frontman, Matthew Bellamy. She recently had a celeb studded baby shower with guests including Courteney Cox, Nicole Richie, and Rachel Zoe. I can’t even imagine what kind of baby shower games they played, “How many guys did Kate date in 2009-2010?” Ouch.

Angelina from Jersey Shore: The season 1 "Jersey Shore" defector, Angelina Pivarnick is pregnant with her first child with her fiancé, David Kovacs. Kovacs proposed to the Jersey girl in February on the red carpet of a fashion show, so that camera crews were forced to capture the happy moment. I hope Angelina gets her own MTV reality show now, they could call it “Guidette and Pregnant” or “The Jersey Sperm”? No?