David Beckham Looking Forward to Royal Wedding

March 15, 2011 By:
David Beckham Looking Forward to Royal Wedding

Like most of us, David and Victoria Beckham can’t wait for the Royal Wedding in April. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Beckham said, “we obviously got the invitation, which we're obviously really excited about. We’re proud of the royal family. It’s going to be an amazing occasion.”

Much more amazing when you actually get to go, instead of watching it at home like the rest of us, I’m sure. And for $10 million, they’ve got to be serving some kick ass food, too.

“Victoria is a obviously a little bit worried she’ll be a few months more pregnant but she’s excited. We’re both proud to be going,” Beckham added.

David Beckham also discussed Victoria’s “relationship commandments”, which include having breakfast in bed once a month and addressing their relationship issues monthly.

“We don’t do it all the time but we try,” Beckham said.

Sounds like Victoria knows how to micromanage marriage!