David Beckham: I'm Going to be Protective Over My Baby Girl

July 2, 2011 By:
David Beckham: I'm Going to be Protective Over My Baby Girl

Victoria Beckham is just days away from giving birth to a baby girl, and hubby David Beckham couldn’t be more thrilled about becoming a father again.

“We’re very excited,” David told Hollyscoop while unveiling Los Angeles Galaxy's new jersey at LA Live. “The room is ready, the clothes are hung up and the boys are excited about it. It’s a very exciting time for us, “ added David.

Victoria is due to give birth on Fourth of July, which is also their wedding anniversary, and according to David, it’s been a super easy pregnancy. “She hasn’t had too many cravings. She hasn’t had any sickness. It’s been a good pregnancy,” said David. “It’s been really smooth.”

Hopefully Victoria doesn’t give birth on the fourth because the team has a game that same day! “We've got a game on July 4th so obviously I'll be spending time at home and with the kids, it's a special day for America and for us, we’re married 12 yrs to that day.”

David is already such a hands on (and hot!) dad, and he confessed to Hollyscoop he can’t wait to be protective over his little girl. “People say that [I’m overprotective], but I'm so protective over my sons anyways, I can't see me being any more protective. She's going to have 3 boys to look over her; she is well protected.”

David told HS how proud he is of Adidas and being part of such a great brand. “I've been with Adidas 17 or 18 year [now], so we've got an amazing relationship. They've always made great stuff, great kicks, I wouldn't be with them so long if they didn't. They always done it great, they've got a white kick and blue kick and now black. It's nice!”

And speaking of designing, does fashionista Vicky have any plans to start a baby line inspired by her new baby girl? “Maybe in the future,” David told Hollyscoop with a smile.