Mimi Me Sex Tape Sold

August 8, 2008 By:
Mimi Me Sex Tape Sold

Verne Troyer's sex tape has been sold to a private collector. His ex Ranae Shrider, who co-stars in the video with him, claims she sold it to some random Joe Schmo that approached her outside her home.

Shrider's manager Holly Bannon says, "She just wanted to be rid of it (sex tape)."

Troyer's lawyer, Edwin McPherson said, "Some guy just pulled up to the curb and gave her five grand? Was it in a paper bag? I don't believe this."

Apparently there was no paperwork involved, the guy gave her cash for the tape and she doesn't even know his real name. The story does sound a little sketchy. Sad part is it allegedly only sold for $5000.