Vanessa Minnillo In Vegas

February 15, 2008 By:
Vanessa Minnillo In Vegas

Former MTV host Vanessa Minnillo graces the cover of the next issue of Vegas magazine. In the issue she talks about her career, being a former Miss USA, and her very public relationship with Nick Lachey. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Vanessa on her live-for-the-moment attitude:
“One thing my dad instilled in me is don’t live with regret. So everything I want to do in life I’m going to jump into. Everyone thought I was crazy when I tried out for Miss Teen USA, because I’d never done pageants. I even thought I was crazy. But I won it, and that gave me every single opportunity I have today. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to everyone else and not do it.”

Vanessa on taking her movie career seriously:
“When I was on the set of Fantastic Four, I loved it. I respected everyone’s work ethic. It was like a mini-family, and I want to continue doing it, whether it’s action or comedy or action-comedy. I can pull off physical comedy; I’m athletic enough not to get hurt easily.”

Vanessa on being in a position to pick and choose her roles:
“We’ve had some offers that we turned down because it wasn’t me. For one of them, I had to be this bikini terrorist and in another I was some crazy girl at Mardi Gras doing anything for beads!”

Vanessa on beau Nick Lachey:
“The most supportive boyfriend ever!”