Vanessa Lachey: Husband Nick is Pregnant, Too!

April 11, 2012 By:
Vanessa Lachey: Husband Nick is Pregnant, Too!

Vanessa Minnillo—now known as Vanessa Lachey—recently Tweeted a makeup-free photo of her pregnant glow, and we gotta say—she looks gorgeous!

Vanessa and husband Nick Lachey have both been glowing in recent months as they prepare for parenthood. Hollyscoop caught up with Vanessa at the ‘Take a Load Off’ Laundry Lounge on behalf of P&G Future Friendly and Tide Coldwater.

Vanessa told Hollyscoop:
“I have energy, my skin's looking better, my appetite's doing better.”

And as far as whether she's having a boy or a girl, Vanessa told us: “we’re going to find out. I’m in the window to find out. Nick is excited. He wanted to know yesterday.”

And speaking of Nick, Vanessa says he’s been having his own sympathy pregnancy.

“He’s pregnant,” Vanessa joked with Hollyscoop. “He’s like, ‘my back, my feet, oooh, my neck. I’m craving this, I’m craving that.’ I’m like, ‘really?’ It’s supposed to be me right now.”

Well, it’s nice to know they’re in this together.

“He's so awesome,” Vanessa gushes over her husband. “It's just been fun for us, this whole process, you know? He's wanted to get pregnant just as much as me so it's been a fun process.”

And Vanessa is getting a head start on her post-baby workouts, although she tells us, it’s not about looks—it’s about being healthy.

“It's just about being healthy overall and supporting my body. You know, there's certain things. You start getting front heavy and you have to get your back and your legs and all that. So I'm working out with Gunner Peterson and he's trained a lot of women who have been pregnant.“