Zac and Vanessa's Sex Shop Visit

December 12, 2008 By:
Zac and Vanessa's Sex Shop Visit

High School Musical sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens may play squeaky clean teens on the big screen, but they're going naughty for the holidays.

Zac and Vanessa were recently spotted at a sex shop together and actually agreed to pose for a photo with a fan. Apparently it didn't occur to them to step outside to snap the photo and they figured posing in front of some dildo's would be a good idea.

It's not as exciting as Vanessa's "leaked" nude photos, but nothing brightens up a Friday quite like a High School Musical scandal. Can't wait to hear Disney's thoughts on this one.

The fan sent in the photos to hoping to win their 'Best Fan Meeting Picture' contest. Note to fan: Next time send the photos to the tabloids, they compensate for things like this.