Why is Vanessa Hudgens Stripping For Cash?

March 8, 2013 By:
Why is Vanessa Hudgens Stripping For Cash?

The former Disney princess is paying dem bills.

On Friday, photos surfaced capturing Vanessa Hudgens doing what no father ever wants to see their little girl doing: stripping for cash.

But, relax Mr. Hudgens... It’s only for a movie.

In a screenshot from her upcoming film, Spring Breakers, Vanessa experiences a downpour of cash—some of which has found its way into her waistline—in a bra and skimpy pair of jean shorts.

Another photo shows Vanessa posing with her also hot co-star Selena Gomez—both wearing bikinis. In the snap, Selener gets a whole handful of Vanessa’s a$$.

The naughty moments have quickly earned a special place in our hearts, not to mention on our “5 Raunchy Things From 'Spring Breakers' We Can't Wait to See” list

In other good girls, gone sexy girls, gone bad girls news, it appears that competing film The Bling Ring, highlighting the real-life tale of teen robbers starring Emma Watson, is actually the exact same movie—minus James Franco.