Vanessa Hudgens to Play the Beauty in Beastly

April 21, 2009 By:
Vanessa Hudgens to Play the Beauty in Beastly

Vanessa Hudgens has just scored her first post-High School Musical role. She’ll be playing the lead role in the upcoming movie Beastly, which is a modern day take on the fairytale Beauty and the Beast. Not surprisingly, the role is of the fair maiden.

The story is about a wealthy young man who develops a mean streak as a beast. He becomes cursed after ditching a date with a girl, who gets back at him by casting the spell, turning him into the creature.

As the old tale goes, he must find true love to break the spell! And that’s where Vanessa comes in!

The film is set to begin filming this summer in Montreal. Vanessa is on a roll right now! Not only does she have Beastly, but she’s just signed on for Sucker Punch alongside Emily Browning and Jamie Chung. These High School Musical kids are growing up!