Vanessa Hudgens Nude Pics Part Two!

August 5, 2009 By:
Vanessa Hudgens Nude Pics Part Two!

Looks like Vanessa Hudgens didn’t learn her lesson the first time around! A second series of nude pictures of her has hit the web, portraying several different shots of the tween actress.

There’s speculation as to whether or not these pictures are even her, or if they were photoshopped. But one thing’s for sure…they look exactly like her!

This round of pics portrays Vanessa posing seductively in front of mirrors in what looks like her bedroom.

We’re assuming these were taken for her boyfriend Zac Efron’s eyes only. But since it’s round two for Vanessa, we can’t help but think she enjoys a little voyeurism!

What a coincidence that new nude photos of her would "leak" the same week she has a new movie coming out. That doesn't sound strategically planned at all.

UPDATE: Photos had to be taken down, sorry guys!