Vanessa Hudgens Has the Hots for Michael Caine

February 10, 2011 By:
Vanessa Hudgens Has the Hots for Michael Caine

Winning the award for weirdest love-triangle ever, Vanessa Hudgens discloses that her and Zac Efron are trying to “figure things out” and that she likes being hit on by 77 year-old actor Michael Caine.

What’s there to figure out? Michael Caine made Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, a comedy classic, and Children of Men, a thought-provoking film with amazing cinematography. Efron sang “Get’cha Head in the Game”.

Hudgens is currently filming Journey to the Center of the Earth with Caine.

"Throughout this whole movie we're trudging through the jungle," Hudgens says. "So, of course, we're sweating. I can't tell you how much time is spent putting oil on my chest. And Evian. Spraying Evian bottles on my chest and my arms and my forehead, but mostly my chest...But Michael's always telling the makeup artists that he'll take over and do it."

I know it might seem weird now because he’s 77 and she’s only 22, but when Hudgens is 77, Caine will be 132. You just have to look at things in perspective. As for her relationship with Efron, Hudgens says they’re still friends, although the two were caught making out last January.

One can only hope this news climaxes with a no holds barred, fist-flying brawl between Zac Efron and Michael Caine. I’d pay good money to see that.