Vanessa Hudgens' Bandslam Costars Have Her Back

August 14, 2009 By:
Vanessa Hudgens' Bandslam Costars Have Her Back

Vanessa Hudgens hasn’t been getting too much positive press since the second round of nude pictures of her hit the web. Blogs have had a field day bashing the former Disney star, and comedian Dane Cook took gave her a little embarrassing jab at the Teen Choice Awards as well, just to be booed by the audience.

But her Bandstand costars are standing up for their cast mate! According to, fellow actress and friend Aly Michalka says the negative comments are because people are jealous of Hudgens’ relationship with teen heartthrob Zac Efron. She says, “I think that it’s about people being hard on people just to be hard on them. It’s hard to avoid that sometimes… I think it really is based on that and I think mayber her being with Zac.

Or is has do to with the fact that Hudgens just can’t seem to keep her clothes on! While some see it that way, the subject is causing quite a buzz online. Some people don’t even think she did anything wrong! According to E! actor Charlie Saxton s "It's so totally uncool. It's like, come on. Give me a break."She's such a sweet person, such a nice girl. She really doesn't deserve all the negativity that she's getting."

Well, maybe third time’s the charm with Vanessa? Hopefully she has learned from her past two mistakes, and can make it through this with the support of her friends and cast mates!