Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson Take Hip-Hop Class Together

September 17, 2012 By:
Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson Take Hip-Hop Class Together

The “Spring Breakers” girls have traded in their red carpet gowns for sweat pants and snapback hats. Hollyscoop caught up with Vanessa Hudgens at the 6th Annual Power of Youth Event over the weekend where she told us that she and co-star Ashley Benson have been getting their swag on at hip-hop classes in North Hollywood.

“Me and Ashley just went to Millennium,” Vanessa tells Hollyscoop, “For people not in Hollywood, it’s a dance studio. For the first time in years we took a hip hop class together. Little white girl Ashley shaking her bum was a good thing.”

As Vanessa puts it, “for people not in Hollywood,” Millennium Dance Complex is the infamous dance studio where Britney Spears once wowed us with her then-tantalizing dance moves.

An employee at Millennium also told us that the girls had been to the studio “more than five times in the last month” for Ballet classes.

We personally cannot wait for Spring Breakers which showcases Vanessa, Ashley, and Selena Gomez in far grittier roles than we’ve ever seen the before, leaving us and the rest of the world wondering how Selena tackled this not-so-Disney-part.

“Harmony is such a fantastic director,” says Vanessa, “He pushes you in all the right ways, he gives you that right scenario and just allows you to play and be your character in that scenario.”

When pressed for details on what we can expect from the crazy-ride that we’re all expecting from Spring Breakers, Vanessa only tells us, “Every movie is different, every single one, there’s no same experience.”